A unique type of aircraft flew over Northern Colorado skies on Friday.

Osprey tiltrotors took off from Northern Colorado Regional airport. The Ospreys are a cross between plans and helicopters.

The aircrafts have both vertical and runway takeoff/landing capabilities.

Ospreys were developed as a partnership between helicopter manufacturers Bell and Boeing. When the aircraft was first deployed by the Unites States Marines in 2007, it was twice as fast, could fly twice as high and 3-5 times as far as the helicopters it replaced.

The Navy began using Osprey aircrafts as carrier onboard delivery in 2018.

See how the aircrafts took off on Friday in a video shared by the Northern Colorado Regional Airport:

The Northern Colorado airport located in Loveland is working on a remote tower project that may bring commercial flights to the area.

The airport located just off Interstate 25 averages between 85,000 to 95,000 takeoffs and landings per year.

In addition to private flights, the airport serves as training ground for flight schools, transportation for specialized treatment and care for Medical Center of the Rockies, an aerial tanker base to fight wildfires, and the airport from which fish are aerially dropped into area lakes and rivers.

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