From the haunted Stanley Hotel to spooky cemeteries to Sasquatch sightings, rumors of the paranormal surround Colorado.

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But do ghosts, goblins, and ghouls really live in the Centennial State? Some say no.

According to new research from, the odds of spotting the supernatural in Colorado are 157,700, making the Centennial State the 24th most supernatural state in the U.S.

Using Google analytics and data from the National UFO Reporting Center and Ghosts of America, the website calculated these odds by looking at a state's population and its amount of supernatural sightings.

Over the years, Colorado residents have allegedly observed 2,971 UFOs, 809 ghosts, and 3,780 undefined supernatural circumstances. When taking our state's population of 5.759 million into account, that's not a lot.

Still, Colorado is statistically scarier than many other states — you're more likely to see a spook here than in Florida, Maryland, New York, Georgia, or Louisiana.

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To increase your odds of spotting aliens and apparitions, you'll need to direct your paranormal search to the most supernatural states: Maine, Vermont, Montana, Alaska, Wyoming, New Mexico, Washington, Oregon, New Hampshire, and Idaho.

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