If you ask what the most haunted place in Colorado is, you'll likely get one answer: the Stanley Hotel.

Rumors of the paranormal surround it. Despite this, the hotel has a (mostly) peaceful past, and many who stay there report a comfortable, ghost-free experience.

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So, what is truly the most haunted place in the Centennial State? The answer might just be the Central City Masonic Cemetery.

Located just above the "Richest Square Mile on Earth," the cemetery originated in the early 1860s after miners flooded the area during the Gold Rush.

According to Only in Your State, visitors frequently see orbs and hear strange sounds in the cemetery, but the graveyard's most haunted tombstone belongs to John Edward Cameron, who regularly receives visits from a ghostly "Lady in Black."

Haunted Rooms America reports that Cameron was a Central City bachelor and the object of affection for many young ladies in the town. However, he allegedly only had eyes for one — a woman who lived near the close-by Bald Mountain.

Cameron died of heart paralysis in the late 1880s. He was around 28 years old at the time of his death. But every year, on the 5th of April and the 1st of November, a spirit in a black satin dress — presumably the lady from Bald Mountain — comes to place flowers on Cameron's grave.

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Cameron's ghostly caller isn't the cemetery's only apparition.

A visitor to the site told US Ghost Adventures that he made contact with a spirit named Paul, stating that "[Paul] had passed away after falling ill from being in the mines, breathing the dust and dirt. I don't scare easy, but walking onto the property of the Masonic Cemetery was like stepping into a portal."

At least the spirits there don't appear to be hostile. According to colorado-cemeteries.com, you can visit the Central City Masonic Cemetery by driving up Highway 119, turning on Nevadaville Road, and heading up Prosser Street until you reach the top of the hill.

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