Free little libraries have been popping up in neighborhoods and parks around northern Colorado for several years, giving locals the opportunity to swap a book out for another, take a new one with them or leave a read for someone else instead.

A few Fort Collins residents have now taken this idea a step further, by creating the community's first free little art gallery.

The free little art gallery was made using an upcycled curio cabinet. With a little TLC, like coating it with some polyurethane and building a post, the mini-gallery idea came to life.

This creative idea not only adds beauty to Fort Collins but also allows people of all ages and skill levels to share their art with others in the community. Even people from out of state have reached out wanting to contribute their small pieces of art to the library.

When it comes to swapping a piece of art in exchange for something else, the creators suggest making something that's about the size of, or smaller than, a postcard. Any variety of media can be used, and creatins can include anything and everything from paintings, sketches, jewelry, magnets, ceramics, and more. Visitors will often find some sort of mini sketchbooks and 2”x3” cards inside the gallery, which can be used to create art and brought back to put on display.

The creators are hoping their idea may inspire others to build free little art galleries in more communities throughout northern Colorado.

The adorable art gallery can be found on the corner of South Shields and Woodford Avenue in Fort Collins.

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