There aren't many words that I can produce to go along with how beautiful this home is outside of Cheyenne. The listing on Zillow describes it as a Frank Lloyd Wright-style home; I don't disagree. Just don't get him mixed up with Andrew Lloyd Webber. You'd have the wrong Lloyd, though, I could see a Phantom Of The Opera-type character owning this home and roaming from room to room.

Regardless of mixing up famous people's names, this home is INCREDIBLE. It's going for just under $1.2 Million and sits on 35 acres. Not bad for a small ranch. You can live your Yellowstone life, except in Wyoming. You'll have to wait a bit to run for Governor, too, but it's a start.

Photo by photo, all I can say about this property is, wow. It's rustic, but not, it's fancy and elegant and gives you the feeling that you're in a fancy hotel on the Las Vegas strip, rather than a ranch in Wyoming. It's all about amenities.

It has a nice horse barn, a little smaller, so you wouldn't want to go too wild on setting us the horse ranch. I want to stop myself from saying that it's a "cute barn" but I mean, it really is. They did a good job.

So, go ahead and take off your shoes, dust your pants, and let's take a stroll through this Frank Lloyd Wright-Esq home, right here in our backyard. I mean, it's a virtual tour, but you get the idea.

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