You may remember that back in August it was reported that the town of Colorado City, Colorado had lost its sole postal employee, and the postal service was accused of abandoning the town. Well now another story echoes similar problems in a different Colorado town with a post office so bad, the town is considering filing a lawsuit.

Silverthorne Colorado vs. The United States Postal Service

Our story takes place in the picturesque mountain town of Silverthorne, Colorado, specifically at the town's post office. The post office, which is located at 518 Brian Avenue, has a 1.4 out of 5 rating on Google and the reason is quite apparent.

Online shopping is at an all-time high right now, and people demand a lot from postal workers these days. However, the postal service in Silverthorne has been consistently struggling to meet the needs of its residents, making it apparent that something needs to change.

For example, citizens have reported mail getting lost, inconsistent service, and one customer complained that a piece of their mail arrived roughly two months late.

The postal service has cited things like housing, staffing, and the cost of living as chief reasons behind the bad service, but the town of Silverthorne has reportedly offered housing to the postal workers with no improvement in service.

The town manager has been actively taking the complaints of Silverthorne residents and is working on recruiting the towns of Dillon, Breckenridge, Frisco, Crested Butte, Buena Vista, and Carbondale to consider filing a lawsuit for similar issues in their respective towns.

For now, however, if you're planning to mail something to Silverthorne you might consider hopping in your car and delivering it in person for the time being.

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