Ever since the then new logo and uniforms debuted in 1997, Broncos fans everywhere have still always had a soft spot for that old "D" logo with the horse coming out of it.

At the end of the 1996 season, after a brutal, upset playoff loss to Jacksonville, the team came out for the '97 season with a fresh coat of paint, so to speak, doing away with the "D" and their signature orange jerseys - highly controversial at the time. But since then, they've won three Super Bowls with that redesigned logo and new navy blue uniforms, so not all has been bad, and most fans have forgiven the change.

The team did eventually bring back the orange home jerseys in 2012, but not the old logo or concepts.

And now, the last seven seasons have been - let's say - hard to watch. As fans and staff look to move past the last seven years of stink, with the addition of a shiny new head coach and some new players, nothing would signal a new era like a uniform or logo tweak. Even if it means going back to the "D" logo that fans still love from the 70s, 80s and first half of the 90s.

Well, it came up as a question at NFL owners meetings in Phoenix this week, and Broncos team president Damani Leech said that they're currently conducting a survey with fans on potential new uniforms for the near future.

While new uniforms won't happen for the 2023 season, it's certainly possible for 2024. One thing that is possible for this year, however, is an alternate helmet with a different logo - likely an updated version of the old "D" logo fans have been craving.

The team has used it a couple times during Color Rush games over the years, but as a replacement sticker on their current navy helmets. The NFL has only allowed teams to use one helmet - and whatever base color it's been painted - but recently allowed the use of an alternate helmet - something 13 teams took advantage of last season. The Broncos did not.

That will likely change in 2023. Which is exciting.

So it's possible we'll see an updated "D" logo helmet a time or two in 2023, with an all new, refreshed look head to toe in 2024.

Here's some "fan envisioned uni's" to hold you over till we see what the actual future holds. No matter what they're wearing, it's fun to be excited about Broncos football again.

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