Northern Colorado mothers are easing the stress of being mom, teacher and provider during the pandemic by forming "schooling pods."

For some parents, home schooling is not an option. Denver 7 is reporting that a Fort Collins mother who claims she "failed 100 percent" at playing teacher, mother and provider for her children started a Facebook group. The group was designed to connect families with other parents that would be interested in sharing in the idea of remote learning.

The group was so popular one of the mothers set up a website that could handle the demand.

One of the group residents said this it Denver 7:

Community for me is being able to support and take care of each other. I think right now, in this year, it’s showing how important this is that you might not be able to give a lot but whatever you can give is very much appreciated. And so, we all can just team up together and take care of each other.


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