Looks aren't everything, but they can be important — especially when it comes to your smile.

According to Your Dental Health Resource, studies show that having a great smile increases your quality of life, while Cision reports that people with crooked teeth are 43% less likely to get "chosen" on a dating app.

Coloradans seem to be taking these statistics to heart, as a new survey from NextSmileDental.com reveals that the average Colorado resident would pay $5,440 for a perfect smile. In general, the average American is willing to spend $5,652.

However, the website noted that a perfect smile doesn't necessarily mean a healthy smile. In fact, 64% of those surveyed said they would be okay with having cavities if they could have aesthetically pleasing pearly whites.

So, why are people willing to sacrifice their health for their looks? NextSmileDental.com believes that social media influencers may have something to do with it.

"It can be tempting to want to attain a level of beauty which society has conditioned, however, it's equally as important to remember that aesthetic 'perfection' doesn't necessarily equate to physical health," said NextSmileDental.com's Kathryn O'Brien. "Dental aesthetics are no exception — it's more important to achieve overall dental health and hygiene, than 'perfect' looking teeth."

Alaskans seem to be on the right track, as the average Alaska resident would only cough up $1,700 for perfect teeth. Colorado might catch up to them, though — apparently, people stop caring about their dental appearance (note: not health) around age 44.

Still, there's nothing wrong with paying for the perfect smile if it doesn't negate your health. I mean, if I never had braces, I would still have reverse vampire teeth (no, I will not be providing an example).

Regardless of your dental status, smiling can make you happier — so say cheese.

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