How the heck do you parent during a pandemic?

That's the question moms and dads have been asking for over a year now. While the answer may seem like becoming a Zoom master or a sanitation extraordinaire, it's actually much simpler than that: self-care.

"I don't think we can understate the importance of self-care," said Dr. Buffy Trent Wolf, a psychologist and early childhood mental health expert, in our "Tuned In to NoCo" interview. "We have to remember to put your oxygen mask on first...if you don't take care of yourself, you're not going to be able to take of your child in the way that you want to and in way that they need you to."

But self-care isn't always as easy as putting on a face mask or reading the Sunday paper (although that doesn't hurt). That's why the Early Childhood Council of Larimer County (ECCLC), a non-profit working to help local families and children succeed, has resources to help guide parents on this uncertain journey.

Utilizing these resources will help parents to not only give their children a positive childhood, but also a successful life path.

"Having that support of a caring, nurturing adult can really buffer young children from the stress of growing up in adverse experiences or environments," said Liz Means, the Early Childhood Mental Health Program Manager with ECCLC. "A lifetime of mental health and success begins in early childhood."

Along with the ECCLC, another resource for parents is Child, Adolescent, and Young Adult Connections (CAYAC), a hub for parents and youth in need of support.

But above all, parents: remember that you've got this, no matter how daunting the challenges of the pandemic may seem.

"You are the expert on you and your family. You know what you need," said Trent Wolf. "It can be easy to fall prey to comparing ourselves to what we see on social media...but remember that you're doing good enough and your child has you, and that's the most important thing."

Learn more about parenting during a pandemic and the ECCLC by listening to our full "Tuned In to NoCo" interview with Dr. Buffy Trent Wolf and Liz Means below.

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