The Rocky Mountain Wildlife Alliance is an important resource for both humans and animals living in Colorado.

The nonprofit organization rescues and rehabilitates many different kinds of wildlife throughout the Rocky Mountain region of the state. This month, they've had two very unique patients enter their care.

One of the creatures looks like it belongs in the real-life edition of 'Angry Birds.'

The Cedar Waxwing had a good reason to be mad - it got separated from its flock after sustaining a soft tissue injury to its left wing. The bird has since healed, but in order for it to have the best chance of surviving in the wild, it needs to rejoin a migrating flock. Staff at the Rocky Mountain Wildlife Alliance are hoping that someone in the Denver metro area will know of an active flock of Cedar Waxwings, that they could introduce their recovered patient to.

Another small patient is getting a second chance at life too, thanks to the wildlife rescue. The female fox squirrel was admitted last Sunday, after being found cold, dehydrated, and orphaned from its mother.

The youngster looks different than most other squirrels of her kind though.

The reason for the rescued squirrel's unique appearance is due to a genetic condition called Melanism. As a result of having a higher concentration of melanocytes, animals that are melanistic have darker pigments than usual, like this cute squirrel.

The juvenile squirrel is reportedly doing well and is learning the important skills of life through the help of her enclosure mates.

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