Billie Eilish is hitting the Mile High City in 2022 for her Happier Than Ever, The World Tour concert series. She'll be at the Ball Arena on March 19, and fans are prepping for her show in an...interesting way.

According to a new study from Uswitch, Eilish is the most popular pop artist that people listen to while they're pooping. Yup, you read that right.

The company discovered that "poop playlists," or collections specifically designed for toilet time, are a thing on Spotify — and the pop star appears on 154 of them.

She's not alone, either. Listeners also enjoy going to the sounds of The Weeknd, Tame Impala, Bruno Mars, The Neighbourhood, and Taylor Swift.

However, despite her poop-playlist status, Eilish doesn't have the most popular bathroom songs. Tunes like The Neighbourhood's "Sweater Weather," Juice WRLD's "Lucid Dreams," and Childish Gambino's "Redbone" are some of the top toilet tracks.

"Potty Song" by Little Baby Bum - Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs is the only song on the list that is actually designed for the bathroom. As for the others? It appears people just like to vibe out during their Number Twos.

So if you're listening to "bad guy" in the judgement. But it might be better to hear it in the Ball Arena — tickets for Billie Eilish's show are on sale now here. 

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