Keep calm, your weekly Old Town Target update is here. While the store didn't hit the original target opening date of October, 2021, we now know when its doors will open. 

(Drumroll, please) In less than two weeks, Fort Collins' third and newest Target store, located downtown, will officially open. Just ahead of the holidays, the store's opening date is November 7, 2021, according to the chain's website.

The Target at 460 S. College Ave. is taking over the vacant 24 Hour Fitness on the corner of Mulberry Street, which was previously a Safeway store for several years. Target's arrival in Old Town has been met with some approval and some disapproval from Fort Collins residents. Some have argued that the big box store is bad for the small, local businesses downtown, and others have expressed concern with how the store (and its kind of small parking lot) will impact the already congested intersection downtown.

Google Maps
Google Maps

And, I hear all that. I really do. But, as a resident of that neighborhood, since Safeway left back in 2017, you've got to trek all the way down College, or worse, Harmony to make a run for toiletries, household necessities, affordable groceries, etc. Which, yeah, isn't the end of the world by any means, but I do think it will be nice to be able to Target 'Run and Done' a little more conveniently (don't hate me).

The Old Town Target is a smaller store at 45,641 square feet, so it likely won't be a grocery store location. BUT, I believe there is a Starbucks inside.

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