When people visit an animal shelter looking for a furry companion to bring home, they often walk out with a new cat or dog, but there are also lots of smaller critters that are in need of adopting too.

In fact, last week, the Denver Animal Shelter announced that they are experiencing an influx of homeless small animals entering their facility, with nearly double the amount in their care now than what they previously had two years ago around this time.

Currently, the DAS has 64 small animals in need of permanent homes.

The shelter is asking those who are looking or able to take home a small creature, including turtles, hamsters, or guinea pigs, to consider doing so from the shelter, rather than buying from a pet store. Besides just those critters, DAS has roosters, rabbits, and mice available too. Adoption fees for small pets at DAS start at $15.

According to 9News, there has been such a surge of small animals at DAS, that the shelter has had to move them to other parts of the building that normally house the larger species.

For people who can't adopt but still want to help the cause, DAS explains they are also in need of foster parents who can provide these pets with temporary homes, in order to save space within the shelter for other animals in need.

View the small animals currently available for adoption at DAS here.

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